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Introducing Conservative Inlays & Onlays

November 13, 2017

Woman in dental chair receiving inlayYou’ve likely heard of most dental restoration options. Dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and even dental implants are fairly well known. However, two conservative solutions that many patients have never heard of are inlays and onlays. These restorative dentistry solutions allow us to maximize existing dental structures and keep smiles whole and healthy. Inlays and onlays offer patients a middle ground between fillings to repair very small areas and dental crowns to repair the whole tooth.

The Importance of a Good Dentist & Dental Lab Relationship

October 26, 2017

tech working in dental labIf you’ve found a dental team you can trust, you know how important that partnership is to make you feel relaxed during your appointment and confident in treatment recommendations. Your dentist likely feels the same about their relationship with the dental lab. When a dentist finds the right lab, that relationship can improve the entire treatment process for patients, but you may never know it. Keep reading to learn more about how the relationship your dentist has with the dental lab will make all the difference in keeping you smiling.

All About Inlays and Onlays

February 19, 2013

Last time, we discussed restorative dentistry and the wide variety of services we provide to help our patients smile proudly. One of those numerous services was inlays and onlays.

If you need a filling replaced, or have a large area of your tooth that is decayed or damaged, inlays and onlays from Dr. King Scott’s office could be a good solution. The best way to describe it is as a mix of a filling and a crown. It just replaced the part of your toot h that is decayed or damaged, like a filling, but is made out of milled porcelain, like a crown.

Inlays and onlays are essentially the same, they’re just located different places on your teeth and in relation to your cusps. Cusps are the bumps you’ll find on the top of a tooth. Inlays go in between cusps, and onlays fit over your cusps.

This procedure is a great alternative to replacing a tooth, as it allows you to keep more of your natural tooth structure, which is important. At your initial consultation, Dr. Scott will see if this procedure is right for you, and take an impression of your tooth. This will be sent to the lab, and used to mill your inlay or onlay. You’ll have a temporary put in and at your second appointment, the permanent inlay or onlay will be placed, and your tooth will be restored.

Inlays and onlays are great options to help repair and restore your teeth. If you’re interested, call us today to see if this could be right for you.

Dr. King Scott has provided quality, full-service dentistry to patients for over three decades. His West Monroe, LA dental office serves patients from Monroe, Ruston, Rayville, Farmerville, Columbia, South Arkansas and greater North Louisiana. Call our office today to schedule your appointment!

Reconstructive Dentistry from Dr. King Scott

February 12, 2013

Do you have missing or damaged teeth? Has aging and the stresses of life taken a toll on your smile? Reconstructive dentistry from Dr. King Scott could be a great solution to get you smiling again.

At Dr. King Scott’s West Monroe, LA dental office, we have a variety of reconstructive dentistry options available to restore and enhance the beauty of your smile. Services include:

You’ll come in for a consultation, where Dr. Scott will analyze and assess the current state of your mouth. He’ll ask about your goals for your smile, and help you come up with a personalized smile plan to restore your teeth to a beautiful, healthy state.

Restorative dentistry is a great way to achieve a beautiful smile, both inside and out. It is essential that your teeth are healthy first to provide a good foundation. Crowns, fillings, and gum disease treatments are all important procedures for the health of your teeth.  It is important to address these concerns because they could lead to tooth loss, pain, more damage or TMJ dysfunction if left untreated for a long time.

With so many treatment options available, we can create the right mix of treatments for your smile. Give us a call today to set up your consultation and see how restorative dentistry can help transform your smile.

Dr. King Scott’s West Monroe, LA dental office provides quality, full-service dentistry to patients from Monroe, Ruston, Rayville, Farmerville, Columbia, South Arkansas and greater North Louisiana. Call our office today to schedule your appointment!

Fix Your Smile and Feel Great Again with Tooth-Colored Fillings from Dr. Scott

January 23, 2013

It’s always frustrating to go in for a routine dental check-up, only to be told you have a cavity. Cavities are small, sneaky, and potentially destructive – if left untreated for too long, they can grow to threaten the health of your entire tooth. The idea of having dark, metal-based fillings put in, though, can be a tough one to swallow, especially if you’ve worked hard to create a professional image focused around a flawless smile. Dark fillings are distracting and obvious, alerting everyone you come in contact with that you’ve had dental work done, which could lead to a variety of potentially embarrassing situations. Here in West Monroe, LA, we understand your hesitation – you deserve to be able to keep your teeth perfectly healthy and happy without having to sacrifice the cosmetic beauty of your smile. Thankfully, Dr. King Scott is committed to providing you with effective and personalized service that puts your needs first. That’s why he’s happy to offer tooth-colored fillings as a restorative option at his West Monroe practice.

So what exactly are tooth-colored fillings, if they’re not made of metal?

Simple – they’re made of composite resin, a silicon-dioxide mixture that can be blended and mixed in order to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. Composite resin fillings have several advantages over traditional metal fillings: for instance, only you and Dr. Scott will have any idea that they’re there at all, resulting in a perfectly healthy smile with zero of the embarrassment.

In addition, tooth-colored fillings last just as long, if not longer, than traditional fillings, and actually work much better with your natural teeth, deterring further breakage as well as allowing us to keep more of the natural structure intact. Our team strongly believes in conservative dentistry – we want to help you hold on to as much of your original teeth as you can. With tooth-colored fillings, we can accomplish that goal much more easily than ever before.

If you have a cavity that needs treatment, don’t hesitate – Dr. Scott and his excellent team want to keep you safe and smiling with the help of composite resin, tooth-colored fillings. Call our West Monroe, LA practice today to schedule an appointment. We also serve patients from Ruston, Rayville, Farmersville, Columbia, Winnsboro, Delhi, South Arkansas, and all of greater North Louisiana.