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Dentistry’s Post-Pandemic

I am reaching out to you today to reassure you that we care about you and that our office is committed to the most up to date delivery of your dental care.

We will continue Tele-Dentistry services for our patients, however, a major part of Dental Care must be handled face to face.


First and foremost, we have many less appointments available each day. Please only schedule an appointment if you have ever intention to come. If you really just plan on cancelling or no-showing, do not make the appointment. IF YOU MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, AND DO NOT COME OR CALL 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE YOU WILL BE CHARGED 100% OF THE FEE FOR THE SERVICE THAT WAS TO BE PROVIDED AT THAT TIME! Making appointment and maybe or maybe not making it is a thing of the past. No more coming 30 minutes or an hour early or showing up 20 minutes late or doing your makeup in the bathroom for 20 minutes—YOUR TIME IS SCHEDULED FOR YOU! If you miss it we are sorry, your time is scheduled for you only. Kids sleeping late is going to be expense rest!

We will continue to screen for no fever for the last 21 days and 14 days past the last negative COVID-19 test. (The CDC standard for Dental Care just released 4/9/20)

Dental offices are made up of several to many small well disinfected surgical suites where periodontal therapy, oral surgery, restorative dentistry, and other dental procedures are performed with sterile instruments in a well-disinfected area. Many, many instruments are one use instruments. Many of the supplies are disposable. (More and more supplies will become disposable.) Many materials are one use in a reusable, after disinfection, delivery system.

I can assure you, our disinfection and sterilization techniques are exquisite. We test each sterilizer once a week for bacterial and virus and spore test kill.

One of the essential differences you will see is that immediately upon coming in the office, you will continue to be asked to rinse your mouth and teeth with 3% hydrogen peroxide for 20 -30 seconds in the bathroom to lower your bacteria and viral level. If you prefer to do this at home right before you come that is fine too. You may choose then to follow this rinse with water if you got lots of bubbling in your mouth. 

Next, we will continue to practice social distancing where you will be in and out of the office with no one else. Once dental hygiene visits start, we will also continue practicing social distancing by having an extra 15-minute window between patients so that no more than one person in the office for Dr. Scott and one person in the office with our hygienist.

When you are with Dr. Scott, you will notice extra aerosol suction behind the patient's chair.  You will also notice that masks worn will be Level 3 and/or N95 instead of Level 2 masks.

We have also obtained 4 Medical Grade 99.99 HEPA Triple Filters for the office. Each filters the air with a positive pressure of 800 sq feet every 15 minutes, meaning we are filtering all the air in our office every 71/2 minutes!

I have also ordered 3 ADS Aerosol Suctions, which scrub the aerosols while doing high-speed dentistry. The negative pressure filters the aerosol through 5 filters, including a HEPA Filter at stage 3 and Ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses.

Last, for extra airborne bacteria and viruses, I have on order and will have two 16 inch Ultraviolet light whole office air handler sanitizers for each airconditioning/heating unit. This UV light kills bacteria and viruses that are circulating in the general office air. Only one is needed for our office, however, I have decided on one for each unit in the office will have an increase effect.

For an extended period of time, there will continue to be no magazines in the office. There will be no Ouachita Citizen or Wall Street Journal. (but I am reading daily to stay abreast of the World)

We have always prided ourselves on having a very comfortable Reception Area. (Sometimes maybe too comfortable with kids hanging on the furniture or sleeping all over), well those days are over.We will continue to ask for no one to bring extra folks with them into the office unless invited.  (Often times we will request a person to come with a surgery patient, ie. Periodontal surgery, oral surgery, biopsy.)

Next, you will notice we will have started ePresciptions. We will need to know your preferred pharmacy as we will no longer have computer-generated or handwritten scripts, even for narcotics. ALL PRESCRIPTIONS WILL BE ePrescriptions.

As you make your next appointment and check out, you will notice the card swipe machine has been moved. YOU WILL INSERT YOUR CHIP CARD IN THE CHIP READER, KEY IN YOUR PIN IF NEEDED, AND TEAR OFF YOUR PRINTED COPY. The front office team will no longer be handling your card, nor have you sign your printed copy. We will keep a copy for your records in our office as proof of your payment, as we always have done.

As we will continue to be protective of the Team's health and Dr. Scott's health, we ask you to do several things differently as you come for your appointments. We invite you to consider them more as outpatient surgery appointments. We want not just a low bacterial and viral load in your mouth; we want your total body and clothing to be low bacterial and viral load. Please have bathed, washed your hair with shampoo, and come in clean, loose-fitting clothing. (You can be sure Dr. Scott will dismiss you from your appointment as he has done several persons over this time of only essential care. Dirty clothes, dirty boots, unwashed hair, just worked out, oily work clothes just came from baseball, basketball just ran for 30 minutes, are no longer acceptable dress in dental offices.)

If at this time we have not re-scheduled your appointments that may be due please call us at 318-325-4600.

I urge you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached best by phone at 318-325-4600. I do not answer my cell phone during the day until about 7:00 pm and if I have an evening phone or Zoom meeting or webinar, I may be days before reviewing messages and texts as I have two wonderful people in our office to help me with your scheduling and questions.

Stay well; I am doing all I know for your best and safest dental health.

For Better Dentistry,

Dr. L. King Scott

  “I had rather have lost an arm, provided it were not my

sword arm. For I would have you know, Sancho, that

a mouth without molars is like a mill without a stone,

and a tooth is more precious than a diamond.”

-Cervantes: Don Quixote, I.