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Sedation Dentist Keeping West Monroe Relaxed

Many people avoid dental visits out of fear. Some fear pain, while others suffer from control or trust issues. Don’t allow your oral health to deteriorate. Sedation dentist, Dr. Scott can help you overcome dental fear or phobia. As a sedation dentist, he offers oral sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas), so you can enjoy total peace of mind and body at your dental visits.

With oral sedation, you’ll take a sedative prior to your appointment. Someone should drive you to our office and back to your home afterwards. Oral sedation will make you feel very drowsy. While the medication will not induce sleep, some patients fall asleep during treatment. Patients with intense fear, anxiety, or stress, as well as those who cannot sit comfortably in the dental chair, and those who need many procedures performed in one visit, benefit most from oral sedation.

Nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, is administered through a facemask. You can drive to and from your appointment if you choose this method of sedation. Nitrous oxide effects subside immediately once we stop administering the gas. Under nitrous, you will feel calm and relaxed. Many patients who get mildly to moderately anxious appreciate nitrous oxide.

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