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Dr. King Scott's Blog

Sleep Apnea Therapy May Do Wonders for Your Body and Mind!

July 12, 2018

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good morning smileMillions of individuals suffer from sleep disorders, such as insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea. While these issues may just seem like a nuisance to many people, they can have devastating consequences on your health and your quality of life. Getting adequate sleep is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy body and mind! Here, we’ll discuss why it is so vital and how sleep apnea therapy may be able to help you get the high-quality shuteye that you deserve.


Missing Your Teeth? Be Restored with Implant Dentures in West Monroe

June 14, 2018

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older man smiling in dental chairLiving without your teeth is no fun. It leaves you unable to eat the foods that you normally would, can make speaking clearly a challenge and greatly impacts your confidence. Thankfully, there’s a sure method of restoration available to you – implant dentures in West Monroe. As you read on, you’ll learn how this procedure reverses all the inconveniences that your missing teeth have caused and can enhance your oral health.


Dentist is West Mobile Can Restore Failing Root Canals

May 27, 2018

Filed under: General Dentistry — kingscott @ 6:36 pm

woman at dentistIf you have a severely damaged tooth, whether due to trauma, decay, or infection, your dentist in West Mobile will likely recommend that you have a root canal to save it from needing to be extracted. Although 15 million are performed each year, they are only used when there are no other viable options to save a tooth. Generally, they offer a 85% to 97% success rate; however, they can fail. To promote the long-term viability of the treatment, there are some key steps you can take at home.

How Are Dental Crowns Made? Ask A Dentist in West Monroe!

April 4, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — kingscott @ 3:26 am

Ceramic, gold and silver dental crowns.Have you recently found out that one of your teeth needs a dental crown? There are a lot of reasons people might need this type of restoration, whether it’s a cavity, fractured tooth, or an injury. In fact, with millions of crowns done in the U.S. each year, it’s one of the most common dental procedures we do!

As a dentist in West Monroe, we’re often asked why crowns are necessary and how they’re made, so we’re writing a blog to answer those questions for our readers. Remember, regardless of why your tooth is in trouble, you’ll be glad to have it back to (almost) new after getting your crown!


Choose a Dentist in West Monroe with Soft Tissue Lasers

March 1, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: — kingscott @ 7:59 pm

soft tissue laserWhen it comes to the health of your smile, you often focus on preventing cavities to keep your teeth healthy, but what about your gums? Your gum health is equally as important. The gingival tissue covers the bones of your teeth to seal them from bacteria while providing support. The biggest threat to their health involves an infection known as gum disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that roughly 50% of adults in the U.S. have a form of it, making it the most common chronic infection in America. Now, treating it has become more effective with the use of a soft tissue laser from your dentist in West Monroe.

4 Things to Know About Your Upcoming Root Canal

January 5, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — kingscott @ 5:34 pm

root canal word cloudIf the term “root canal” makes you hear dramatic, horror movie music in your head, you probably don’t know a lot about this dental treatment. If your dentist recommends that you have one, or if you have an aching tooth and need to get it taken care of soon, doing a bit of research about your possible upcoming root canal in West Monroe can put your mind at ease. Here are some key facts you should know about this tooth-saving procedure.


Preventing Gum Disease With Your Dentist in West Monroe

December 9, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — kingscott @ 4:17 pm

A picture of healthy gums.While we don’t spend much time thinking about it, our gums are essential to our overall health. According to conservative reports, 80 percent of the population unknowingly carries some form of gum disease. Since gum disease can lead to more serious ailments including strokes, heart attacks, and pregnancy complications, you’ll need to learn preventive tips from your dentist in West Monroe.

The complications that can occur from gum disease are serious, but regular oral healthcare can stave them off for good.


Introducing Conservative Inlays & Onlays

November 13, 2017

Woman in dental chair receiving inlayYou’ve likely heard of most dental restoration options. Dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and even dental implants are fairly well known. However, two conservative solutions that many patients have never heard of are inlays and onlays. These restorative dentistry solutions allow us to maximize existing dental structures and keep smiles whole and healthy. Inlays and onlays offer patients a middle ground between fillings to repair very small areas and dental crowns to repair the whole tooth.

The Importance of a Good Dentist & Dental Lab Relationship

October 26, 2017

tech working in dental labIf you’ve found a dental team you can trust, you know how important that partnership is to make you feel relaxed during your appointment and confident in treatment recommendations. Your dentist likely feels the same about their relationship with the dental lab. When a dentist finds the right lab, that relationship can improve the entire treatment process for patients, but you may never know it. Keep reading to learn more about how the relationship your dentist has with the dental lab will make all the difference in keeping you smiling.

Why Can Dental Implants in West Monroe Fail?

September 24, 2017

Filed under: Implant Dentistry — kingscott @ 7:52 pm

Model of dental implantsDental implants in West Monroe have quickly become one of the most preferred and effective solutions to replace missing teeth. As a predictable and reliable option, more than 500,000 are placed each year due to their high level of success. On average, they are 95% effective for providing a long-term option to treat tooth loss. While it is rare, implant failure can occur. When dental implants fail, it is commonly due to infection or poor osseointegration.

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