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Teeth Whitening Brighten West Monroe Smiles

Dental mirror examining smileA brighter smile may make you look 10 years younger! Imagine, after a simple cosmetic dentistry treatment that you perform in your own home, you could claim that unforgettable smile that turns heads and opens doors of opportunity. Dr. Scott offers Boost, Opalescence, LifeLike, and other reputable, professional-grade home teeth whitening systems.

At your appointment, we’ll create custom trays that fit your mouth perfectly. Simply wear the trays as directed, filled with the safe and potent bleaching gel, and voila! Years of stains caused by foods, drinks, tobacco, and even tetracycline medications will dramatically subside or altogether vanish. Advantages of a dentist-prescribed take-home teeth whitening system include:

  • Minimal to no sensitivity
  • Control over the color change
  • Convenience
  • Privacy
  • Reusable trays
  • Control over touch-ups
  • Lower cost than in-office systems
  • Better results than over-the-counter systems
  • More economical than mall kiosk bleaching

Isn’t it time you smiled with confidence? After one to two weeks of daily bleaching with your take-home system, you will!

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