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Teeth Grinding: Common Causes and How Your Dentist Can Help

July 9, 2020

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Man peacefully sleeping in his bed

Have you been experiencing headaches, jaw pain, and chronic interrupted sleep? Although your first thought may be to shrug it off, these could be symptoms of a much bigger issue, like bruxism. According to the American Sleep Association, this habit of unintentionally clenching or grinding your teeth affects 10% of adults and 15% of children in the U.S. alone. If you think you may be suffering from this condition, then it is important to seek treatment before it irreparably damages your teeth. Read on for common causes and how your dentist can help.


Why You Shouldn’t Wait to See the Dentist

June 11, 2020

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Man visiting dentist near Monroe

Skipping your dentist appointment may not seem like an issue at first. After all, you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. There’s nothing wrong with your teeth. Why should you spend time at the dental office? Many adults avoid going to the dentist because of a variety of reasons including inconvenience, forgetfulness, fear, or embarrassment. The truth is that if you don’t have regular checkups or cleaning, any small issues you have could turn serious and even become a dental emergency. Read on to learn what your dentist near Monroesays can happen if you avoid your dental visits.


How Does Your Dental Team Clean Their Instruments?

May 9, 2020

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Sterile instruments at the dentist

Keeping dental instruments and equipment clean is important in any situation, but it is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can be so dangerous, dental offices have taken many extra steps to limit the possibility of spreading the virus in the office. Being extra thorough when cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing surfaces and instruments is one of them. Your dentist can tell you exactly how they are sterilizing their equipment to protect themselves and their patients.


Stay Smiling – Why Your Dentist Recommends Replacing Your Toothbrush

April 14, 2020

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Person with toothbrush

Many people don’t often think about replacing their toothbrush. If it seems to be working well and doing its job, you may think there’s no need to buy a new one. However, there are many good reasons to replace your toothbrush every three to four months. If you aren’t replacing yours regularly, you may be overdue to get a new toothbrush.


5 At-Home Remedies for Toothaches During COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — kingscott @ 2:24 pm
person getting mint out of their kitchen pantry

Over the last few weeks, several states have either extended or put into place shelter-in-place orders in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. In Louisiana, people are making an effort to leave their home less, and only go out if they need essential supplies or are required to work. Instead of risking your health in an effort to ease your toothache, here are five at-home remedies made from ingredients that you may be able to find in your pantry from your dentist in West Monroe.


Does Teeth Whitening Work for Everyone?

February 13, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — kingscott @ 6:17 pm

before and after teeth whitening

Has something seemed a little off about your smile lately? Have your teeth been looking a little more yellow than you would like them to? Maybe you’ve tried over-the-counter teeth whitening strips before, but they didn’t quite deliver the results you wanted. Are you destined to suffer through having stained teeth forever? Not at all, thanks to professional teeth whitening from your dentist. Dental-grade whitening treatment has helped unleash the potential of countless smiles, but will it work for you? Keep reading to find out.


Can Dental Implants be Used to Replace My Front Teeth?

January 14, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — kingscott @ 1:55 am

older woman smiling beautiful teethThe last place you want to have missing teeth is in your smile line. Not only is it easily noticeable, but it also makes it harder to bite into food and speak clearly. Dental implants are considered the “gold standard” for replacing missing teeth, but how effective are they when the absence is in the front? To find out if an implant will still work, continue reading.


How to Choose the Right Dentist for Dental Implants

November 3, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — kingscott @ 4:15 pm

Patient shaking dentist's handWith the new year fast approaching, now is a great time to act on your desire to restore your smile to its former glory. If you are considering dental implant treatment, be sure to ask your dentist if he or she is able to perform full implant treatment in-house. Why? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about dental implants and why you should partner with an implant dentist. (more…)

4 Problems You’ll Avoid By Seeing a Dentist Before Your Insurance Expires

October 15, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — kingscott @ 10:46 pm

Computer screen that reads, Dental BenefitsDid you know that hospital emergency rooms treat more than 2 million dental emergencies each year? Sadly, the majority of these visits are from people who don’t have dental insurance and aren’t getting regular checkups. So, if you’re someone who has insurance, count yourself lucky! Your benefits will certainly help you get the care you need to prevent painful emergencies, but the only catch is that you have to use them in time. Keep reading to learn how seeing a dentist serving Monroe and West Monroe before your insurance expires can help you steer clear of 4 avoidable problems.


Their First Smile: The Importance of Baby Teeth

September 20, 2019

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Baby teethFirst-time parents might not realize how important their child’s first teeth are. After all, aren’t baby teeth supposed to fall out? But the truth is that these temporary pearly whites are just as important to your little one’s oral health as the permanent ones they’ll get later. Here’s why your child needs to start seeing the family dentist as soon as the first tooth appears.


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