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Restorative & Reconstructive Dentist in West Monroe

Clay model of teethBecause of the rigorous workout and extreme conditions our mouths must endure every day, most people need restorative or reconstructive dentistry at some point in life. A thorough exam every six months will help us keep your mouth healthy throughout your lifetime. Dr. Scott may recommend cavity repair with white fillings, structural restoration with white crowns, inlays, or onlays, replacing missing teeth with crown and bridgework or dentures, or a customized full-mouth reconstruction plan that will return total oral health, function, and beauty to your mouth.

Following through with restorative dentistry is imperative to your continued oral health. Tooth wear, for instance, can be caused by TMJ dysfunction (TMD), which can lead to headaches, mouth pain, and other problems. An untreated cavity can grow to cause significant damage to a tooth’s root, which can necessitate a root canal. A fractured tooth, left unrepaired, can break off and cause severe pain and damage. The health of your gums is vital to your overall oral health, as well. Painless, early-stage gum disease can escalate rapidly; it’s the primary reason for tooth loss in American adults.

Whether you need old fillings replaced or your oral health is in dire straits, Dr. Scott and our team will become your professional consultants, guiding you toward a path that leads to a strong and healthy smile. Learn about some of our procedures here:

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