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Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Scott stays on the leading edge of dental science because he genuinely believes that you deserve the benefits of contemporary technology. At our West Monroe dental office, you’ll learn about your dental procedures by watching brief, informative videos that explain what to expect from specific treatments. Dr. Scott will also take intraoral photos of your mouth and guide you on a tour of his findings. This will help you understand your condition so that you can make wise decisions for treatment. Dr. Scott may also take a panoramic X-ray of your mouth or create wax models of his proposed treatment plan.

Our soft tissue laser makes gum surgery quick and easy. No stitches are required because the laser seals as it goes. Most patients enjoy a brief (or no) recovery time and minimal (or no) bleeding after soft tissue laser therapy. We use the soft tissue laser for gum procedures, and biopsies, cold sore treatment. Read about our innovative technology here:

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