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AvaDent Dentures in West Monroe

avadent modelFor patients who need to replace full row of upper or lower teeth with dentures, having a restoration that fits comfortably, looks natural, and improves functionality is important. Dr. L. King Scott knows this, which is why he uses AvaDent to help his West Monroe patients. Using AvaDent, Dr. Scott can help you enjoy custom-made dentures that will improve your smile’s appearance and functionality in just two visits.

How Does AvaDent Work?

During your first appointment, Dr. Scott will gather all the information he needs to help you design your dentures. This involves a conventional step, like taking an impression, and using a revolutionary tool like AvaDent’s Anatomical Measurement Device, all of which can be done in just this one appointment.

After Dr. Scott has collected information about your smile, we’ll send all of it to AvaDent, where your impression and the AMD data will be scanned into a computer. Once a digital record of both has been made, Dr. Scott and AvaDent can design a restoration that’s precisely tailored to your specific needs. What’s more, with AvaDent’s computer milling process, what was carefully designed on a computer can be brought to life with the same level of precision. And with a digital file always on hand, it’s possible for Dr. Scott to provide you with an exact copy of your new smile if you should ever need one.

After your dentures have finally been designed and milled, you’ll just need to come back to our West Monroe office one more time. During this visit, Dr. Scott will check to see how your dentures fit and will also talk to you about what steps you should take to care for your new smile. Afterwards, you can leave with your brand new, aesthetically pleasing and functional smile in place and ready to use.

To learn more about the benefits of Dr. Scott using AvaDent to restore your smile, visit the AvaDent website to read about how the process works.

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